end-to-end  ELECTRONIC PRODUCT DESIGN solutions 

At GR8design we are focused on consulting, designing, developing and manufacturing customised electronic and electro-mechanical products.


We offer a concept to delivery approach with proof of concepts, or working prototypes built from existing specifications, or created from the ground up.

PCB Design &  Schematic Capture

3D Printing

Windows .NET Software Development

Microprocessor Firmware Development

Hardware Rapid Prototyping

3D Visualisation




Using the latest Autodesk Inventor Software, your concept is turned into a tangible product using CAD modelling. This can involve a number of ilterations dependant on your requirements.


CAD Rendering

CAD rendering is a method where we create photorealistic images of the concept. This is a cost effective way of understanding the benefits of your idea before committing to the costly stages of prototyping and manufacture.


CAD Prototype

The internal structure of the concept as well as the external is considered at this stage. Additive and Subtractive methods of manufacturing are used to produce fully functional working prototypes.

3d cad visualisation
3d cad visualisation
3d cad visualisation


As well as dealing with large companies, many of our clients are small businesses or individuals who have an idea for a product or design but don’t know where to start to get it designed or produced. This is where we can help.

Being a small company we are able to move quickly and accommodate the needs of our clients, giving you shorter lead times and quicker development cycles, enabling you to take your product to market much quicker. 

Quicker time-to-market

Designing for manufacture

By thinking “out of the box” we can assist by eliminating costly prototype re-spins, ensure trouble free production of your product, and get you to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Large company or individual?

We can help  



State of the art PCB isolation routing machines and a diverse range of soldering equipment allows us to offer a quick-turn requirement of leading edge Surface Mount (SMT) and Plated Thru Hole (PTH) Technologies.  

Using off the shelf and custom enclosures and graphic overlays we can help you visualise your product with minimal financial outlay.

  • Hand Soldering and Placement of  fine pitched semiconductor

  • Instrument and harness building

  • CNC machining of plastic enclosures

  • Mechanical assemblies

  • Testing and Certification




Firmware exists on most devices from everyday consumer appliances (toasters, kettles, TV’s) to custom electronics products. It is a specific type of software which is written into the memory of an electronic device.

We offer a custom embedded firmware service which allows us to tweak your existing firmware or start from the ground up using an array of microprocessors.  

  • Atmel Studio IDE, Cortex-M

  • Microchip MPLAB IDE

  • 8, 16 & 32 bit Processors

  • Assembly & C Programming

  • Real time debugging

  • RTOS & bare metal systems

hardware prototyping


From real-time to user interface development, we can take your project from the first line of code to complete design verification and test.

  • PC based .NET software development

  • Incorporation of real time operating systems

  • Windows- and Linux-based application development

  • User interface development

  • Signal processing / algorithm development

  • Automated system test and configuration software

software application design
3d printing


With an in-house HP DesignJET 3D printer, we have the capability to turn your vision into reality in a matter of hours, accelerating the development cycle and giving you more time and opportunity to perfect your product design before production.




printed circuit board design

We can capture schematic diagrams and design a range of high quality PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) using the latest manufacturing technologies.

  • Altium Designer Suite

  • High speed and delay line

  • Rf and Impedance matching 

  • Single and Multilayer

  • SMT and PTH

  • Flexible and rigid substrates

PCB component placement and routing is designed to ensure you have the optimal layout for your high speed logic and high frequency RF designs with 3d visualisation for mechanical compatability.

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